Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Browser Chrome: Is Internet Explorer under Threat?

Google has launched its browser Chrome this week. Though it is a beta release and is released for windows platform only, it is an interesting development and the Google-Microsoft war is hotting up. Microsoft has been the dominant player in the market and controls more than 70% market share. In recent times, Mozilla has done well and now enjoys a market share of around 20+%. How will Chrome change the market scenario or will it be able to do so?

Whether Chrome will be able to spoil Microsoft's party or not, it will certainly force Microsoft to allocate more resources towards IE. It will not be easy for Microsoft to kill Chrome as it did in the case of Netscape with offering free browser. Google's offering is anyways free. There are couple of areas, where Chrome can certainly score over IE. If you use IE, you will notice that it is resource hungry and that's a big negative for me. On my laptop using Vista, IE 7 with 3 tabs open, consumes approx 140 MB of memory. Whereas Chrome with 3 tabs, consumes appox. 25 MB of memory, wow, that's pretty cool. Secondly, Google will definitely offer Chrome on all platforms like Mozilla and that is going to be a killer. Microsoft, it seems, will be watching Chrome's journey more closely than any one of us.

Very interesting space to watch for!!!!



Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are Hiring now

.NET Technical Manager
Position: Technical Manager
Location: Pune
Experience: 5+ Years on Microsoft.NET platform
Key Skills: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server

The Technical Manager will assume the responsibility of leading the product development team. The person must have excellent grasp of .NET technology and its deployment aspects in different scenarios. The person will be the owner of the product right from the requirement to packaging stage.
The technical manager will also be working closely with the sales team in AP and the USA. We look at this role as one of the key roles in the organization. The person can grow up to at least Director (Engineering).
—Architecting the product and deciding the technology road map
—Guiding the team on all technology aspects.
—Interfacing with the customer on technology presentations and consulting.

We are in process of starting the development of the product which will initially be targeted towards customers in Asia Pacific and the USA. This product is being developed to cater to corporates, educational institutions and schools and is into e-learning 2.0 space. We will be offering a package comprising of sustenance salary, profit sharing in product and services sales and equity.You can contact me at +91 98212 15890 or


Monday, August 25, 2008

Recruiting for Startup: My first impressions

It is a known fact that putting together the right talent for your start up is critical for your success. Startups face a lot of problems in attracting right talent for key positions primarily owing to inability to pay high salaries. This is because cashflow is always a constraint. For a product based startup, it is even more difficult as the revenues from product starting flowing in once it is ready for the market. So how do you go about finding the right talent. I would highlight 2 points which I feel are important to get the right set of people:

  • Selecting right channel for recruitment: How would you let know others that you are hiring keeping in mind the constraint in terms of time and money. You don't want to be sitting on a pile of CVs shortlisting and spending time with each one of them. There are are lot of things which needs your time. In my corporate experience, the selection ratio has gone down from 5:1 to 20:1 or even higher, through the normal channels. Basically, you need channels which give you best fit profiles so that you can spend more time in understanding the compatbility. For me, it is very very important. I have been using venturewoods,, genportal etc to advertise my jobs. The response has been encouraging as I receive profiles which are extremely good fits with desire to work for the start up. And the bonus is that the numbers are very limited.

  • Right Package- This section is more relevant for startups which are bootstrapped (read it as limited funding). Let us understand, why do people want to join your startup, even if they have the option of joining an established brand and earn comfortable salary. As I understand after talking to many people, these people are ambitious and want to make a difference. They want to enjoy the feeling of building an organization with their effort, which is rewarding both in tangible and intangible terms. These rewards, if defined correctly, will attract good people to your startup. So what should constitute the right package, well it can be a mixture of sustenance salary (not full salary), equity (spread over a period of years and target linked) and profit sharing. Share your wealth with the key people as that's the way you can taste success.

If you are interested to know what kind of packages we are offering, do get in touch with me. Will be happy to share it with you.